Sherrine Boseman Rives

My decision to pursue a master’s degree in International Affairs at Pennsylvania State University was inspired by my travels, career choices and experiences. I have always wanted to obtain an advanced degree.  I have had a rewarding career in Human Resources Management and I have spent many years dedicated to my family while we lived as expatriates abroad.

My family and I have had amazing travels and lived in France, Canada, and Nigeria. Now that I am studying at PSU, I travel frequently to South Africa to visit my spouse who works for a global shipping company. Over the last ten years, I have worked in literacy programs, hand washing campaigns and helped raise money for organizations around the world.  During my matriculation at PSU, I have discovered a cohort of others who share similar passions. The coursework is challenging and affirms that International Affairs is my passion.

As a student ambassador, I am ready and willing to help interested candidates navigate the process of determining the benefits of pursuing a master’s degree in International Affairs at the Pennsylvania State University. I will affirm that PSU is the place; the time is NOW! 

Sherrine Boseman Rives
Academic Standing: 
Class of 2021
Course of Study: 
Dispute Resolution