Anna Dickerson

I was born in Sacramento, California, and have been raised all over the United States. Due to my father’s job, my family and I have moved 9 times and have lived in places including California, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Kansas. I attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for four years where I received my B.A. in Global Studies with minors in human rights, anthropology, and French. It was through receiving this degree and the personal and professional opportunities that accompanied it which I discovered and cultivated my passion for international affairs, politics, cultures, languages, and travel.

My visit to Penn State in the spring of 2019 to attend the admitted students’ reception solidified my decision to become a part of SIA. I was immediately welcomed and excited by different elements of this program including its versatility, flexibility, interdisciplinary focus, emphasis of cultural competency, and the diversity of students enrolled. Along with these elements, the SIA student representatives and their genuine love for SIA, as well as their warmth and kindness, made me feel comfortable and confident. These feelings remain as I take a compelling array of courses focused on the quantitative and qualitative approaches to international affairs. In the modern, technological age, the importance of the quantitative and data-based elements of this program cannot be understated. Additionally, each of the SIA faculty and staff members are amazingly accomplished, knowledgeable, experienced, and engaging and it’s an honor to learn from them. Overall, Penn State broadly, and SIA specifically, intentionally create a community that is interconnected, supportive, and accepting. This is the kind of community that is worth being a part of while working towards your future.

Anna Dickerson
Academic Standing: 
Class of 2021
Course of Study: 
Human Rights and Middle Eastern Studies