Joshua Evans

Originally from Marietta, Georgia, I was raised in Costa Rica where I had the fantastic opportunity to experience a vibrant and dynamic culture in a nature-loving environment—all while speaking Spanglish. I come from a mixed family with traditions rooted in Hispanic and American cultures. As a student of international affairs, I have always been genuinely interested in how states interact with each other and how foreign policy is created through strategic decision-making. I have traveled across Central America, and I’m currently focusing my studies in developing nations; specifically, within Latin America and Africa.

I’m currently in my second year here at the Penn State School of International Affairs and I’ve loved every minute of it. I chose SIA because the program has provided me with incredible opportunities to further my career under the tutelage of amazing professors and very knowledgeable personnel. SIA is truly home, and the attention provided in this program is both warm and welcoming. My background includes a B.A. in international studies and political studies from Lock Haven University (Protect the Nest!) and a B.A. in law from Universidad Metropolitana Castro Carazo from Costa Rica. WE ARE!!!

Joshua Evans
Academic Standing: 
Class of 2020
Course of Study: 
Strategic Analysis and Intelligence