Shah Ghahramani

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in international studies from Indiana University. During my undergraduate study, I mainly focused on the problems and challenges in the Middle East region and became very interested in international security. I have traveled to many different countries in the Middle East to learn about their culture and languages. Before starting this master’s program, I worked as a data analyst, freelance journalist, and translator in different countries. In addition to English, I speak Farsi, Turkish, Kurdish, Azerbaijani, Dari, and Arabic. 

After being accepted and conducting research into many universities, I decided to come to SIA because I wanted to attend a top school in international security and Middle East studies that would best provide me with the skills to be a competitive candidate after graduating. I am impressed with SIA’s commitment to superior information delivery, its highly qualified faculty and staff, its multi-disciplinary curriculum, professional internship programs, encouragement and attention to foreign languages, the large number of international students and its growing network of reputable alumni who continue to make significant contributions in their varied professional careers.

Shah Ghahramani
Academic Standing: 
Class of 2020
Course of Study: 
International Security and Middle East Studies