Channalyn Tek

Hello! I was born in Cambodia, and grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. I completed my bachelor’s degree at Westminster College, a private liberal arts college in Salt Lake City. I studied Business Management with a minor in Finance and Economics. After my undergraduate career, I went into the professional world and acquired real world applications to further apprehend the world of business. I started in the hospitality industry undertaking multiple levels of responsibilities in all departments, and ultimately leading to a management position overseeing 200+ employees. Following, I started my venture with a start-up company and learned the nitty gritty details about business from the grassroots stages to the development process, further grasping the market force and the contributing external factors. I realized quickly the disadvantage of being a woman in business and in life; hence the decision to continue my education so that I can better engage in the decision and discussion of inclusion, diversification, and equity.

Relocating and choosing a destination to live for two years was difficult, but I chose SIA because of the interdisciplinary program, world-renowned faculty, and countless opportunities and connections available to me. In addition, the warm welcome from the staff really made me feel at home. Currently, my concentration is in Corporate Social Responsibility with a specialization in Economics and Social Sustainability. I have enjoyed the program thus far as it has been positively challenging with a wide range of interactive experiences that have pushed me outside of my comfort zone. All resources are available to you at your disposal so long as you communicate it with the staff or faculty. Everyone truly wants to see you succeed! 

Channalyn Tek
Academic Standing: 
Class of 2021
Course of Study: 
Corporate Social Responsibility, Specializing in Economic and Social Sustainability